If you’re looking for the "Likes", sighs of joy and adoration when it comes to your food offering (online or in real life!), then our Celeb Chef Collection will get you there!

This collection is dedicated to both form and function – people will be loving your celeb chef look, but you’ll know you can rely on each item for quality too.

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Spitfire Chef's Knife in its stylish red box

Spitfire Chef's Knife

Shipping: FREE, TRACKED (UK Based) -----   If you want a chef’s knife that is so “bad-ass” even Marco Pierre White gets jealous, then Sword and Stone's new Spitfire is...
The Instant Celeb Chef Package

The Instant Celeb Chef Package

Bin all your old gear and commit to the all-round makeover:    😎 “The Instant Celeb Chef Package” 😎   Where else can you find one of the "bad-ass-est" stainless...
The Tiger Block

The Tiger Block

"I'm particular with chopping boards – they have to be enormous because if you have a big chopping board you work tidily, you don't end up with mess everywhere." -...
Boomer Mini Speaker

Boomer Mini Speaker

 - FREE TRACKED SHIPPING Dispatches next business day from our UK HQ. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT to all Cooks, Chefs, and Gourmets who take pride not only in their food but...