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Sword and Stone UK

The Boomer Bluetooth Minispeaker

The Boomer Bluetooth Minispeaker

Sword and Stone UK

The Boomer Bluetooth Minispeaker

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“Great food without music is somehow incomplete and great music without the opportunity to break bread lacks the beauty of perfection.”

- Anon


If you want to find out why show-off home cooks and BBQ fanatics are forgetting how to whistle and queuing up to get hold of this palm-sized piece of kit, then read on, because…

The Boomer is the ultimate home cook’s summer sound system:

  • Magnifies music, radio or podcasts played from your phone or iPad into an unexpectedly full-bodied, bassy sound to create real depth of atmosphere (comparable with big brand devices five times its price)

  • Ridiculously easy to set up out in the garden by the BBQ, in the park, on the beach or even just indoors – no need for wires, wifi or mental effort (pairs almost instantly via Bluetooth connection and no syncing with any private info either!)

  • Easily fits in the palm (being 4cm in size) so whether you’re busy in the kitchen or just filling the front room with guests, you can throw it almost anywhere to create the right mood!

  • Simple, clean recharge and control system, with instruction card, charge cable and smart case included so you can sneak it with you anywhere you go

  • Sleek, metallic and reliably weighty in the hand, it’s got the style to match the substance

  • 60 day risk-free trial as per Sword and Stone UK policy
  • Music not included! But I’m sure you’ve got that bit covered by yourself… or you can go and search our playlist online!

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"Amazing knife. Price is great too. Love it. Hope you bring a set out.

I used loads of different knives in my 28 years as a chef and this is one of the best handles, so comfy.

I’ve had knives 200 quid each not as good."

Kevin P. (Mansfield)

"It is a lovely handiling knife... feels better in the hand than many of my expensive knives i have used in the past."

Nathan N. (Oxon)

"I received the shogun and I have to say I'm really impressed.  The blade is very sharp and keeps its edge well compared to my other knifes. It looks really nice and is very comfortable when using it.

My dad really likes the look it to so you will probably get an order from him lol. The delivery was very fast too. In all, I will definitely buy again im looking forward to shogun mark 2  - and would like to thank  you as it peforms very well."

Scott J. (Hull)

"I can honestly say The Shogun is the best knife I own. Not having bought a chef's knife before I didn't quite know what I was getting into, but it's been a revelation - the knife powers through everything you put in front of it be it vegetables, meat or anything else you might want to add into your meals.

Both the blade and the handle look great and the knife itself is presented in handsome box, which is also handy for storage. The delivery was speedy and hassle free, which is a bonus."

Dan N. (London)

“I want to start this review with a disclaimer: This is not a hardcore, top-flight industrial spec chef’s knife for Michelin starred professionals.

What this knife is is an absolute peach that puts others at its price point to shame.

20cm Western Style Chef’s knife from a brand with one very clear focus: to give home cooks affordable, good quality knives with a great aesthetic that moves away from the Victorian Tea Room aesthetic of most brands geared towards the home cook.”


“Hi there I just wanted to say the knife has performed and held up amazingly! Despite being in a kitchen full of several differently levelled / skilled chefs we all agreed it will be a mainstay on our knife rack! Due to its versatility and adaptability for whatever need it for! Even the butcher’s we gave a shot of it to enjoyed it very much and agree it’s a well-weighted and comfortable knife! Once it’s fulfilled its use in the commercial kitchen, it’s definitely coming home with me for my private collection.”

Michael M. (Aberdeen)
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