4 things it’s always ok to spend money on

4 things it’s always ok to spend money on

I came across this article on Business Insider the other day.


I was searching for something totally unrelated.


But the headline was something like "6 things people who have a good relationship with money always splurge on"

And that totally grabbed my attention - like it’s grabbed yours I assume!


And frankly some of the things that were on it were pretty fascinating.


I've cut it down a bit for faster reading (plus some of the things on there were like loyalty cards which ... I don't think count):



#1 Education


This is a given, I suppose - anything that gets you a new skill is worth spending on, I'd agree with that.



#2 Labour saving products for work


Anything that again improves your productivity at work, ie your ability to earn more money. Makes sense.



#3 Experiences


“An experience that improves your health and quality of life can be a good target for a splurge.” That's fair - something you'll never forget and enhances your life.



#4 Good kitchenware


Yep. I didn’t make this up. 


According to Business Insider, kitchenware that lasts is always a good investment because it’ll encourage you to cook home more often - saving money on going out, while at the same time perfecting a great life skill.


Plus, I’d add that you get to control what you put into your body and thus, control your health.



Have you ever heard a better argument for splurging on one of our beautiful knives? 


Optimised for both function and feel? Optimised for control?


Tbh at this price, it barely even feels like a splurge!



What are you waiting for? Business Insider wouldn't wait...