The easiest first step to every diet

The easiest first step to every diet

Although ultimately Sword and Stone is about truly enjoying cooking – be it:


  • experiencing that excitement in your own space while working on some masterpiece or;
  • showing off your “party-piece” dish to friends and family, bringing everyone together or even:
  • Like @robbiereviews, holding a charity event built around serving great food on behalf of a very good cause


There is an earlier “stage of evolution” which is far more fundamental:


And it happens before anyone ever gets to the experimental, adventurous stage.


In fact, I think it’s probably the most important stage that everyone just kind of skims over.




That is the “control” aspect.


A shedload of people I speak to are – despite appearances – really fussy about their food.


Or – translating it into my own language – “they know what they like”.


And that is almost always that initial inspiration for getting in the kitchen in the first place!



Quick disclaimer: look, I don’t diet.


I’m a man of 31, I run a fair few miles a week and rarely go out more than once a week (boo hoo).


So the idea of “health food” turns me off faster than a light switch.



But I get that for others, that’s what makes them tick.


It’s the first step into the kitchen – the easiest in fact – that leads to them controlling their life more – be it in health, in going vegan / vegetarian or even just making food you like.


And then the excitement of success keep them going!


That excitement rolls into the next meal, and then the next, until you look round and actually you’re pretty good at this thing and it might be time to start an Instagram account!



Sound familiar?


Anyway moral of the story is if you want to control your food, you’ll need to get good gear and we’ve got the perfect upgrade right here at